Some years ago I was working as a VJ, creating my animation clips and mixing it with video samples taken from elsewhere…

VJ loops collection

Actually I sell some of the best mixes as NFT in OPENSEA

In a Colorist style I’ve been always following the ‘temperature’ of music, most of the time linked to the beat, trying to give the audience an stimulating experience…

Here’s a list of the most important places where I’ve VJyed


Encuentros Psicodélicos CCCB- Barcelona 1998
Festival FESTUS -Torelló 1999
Dot Light Club, Barcelona. 1998
Cal Blè,   Igualada 1998
Festival FESTUS -Torelló 1999
Videa Festival (Telenoika:Barcelona) 2000-2002
‘Bus Stop’ Festival,  Moià 2001
Contact Europe-VJ Festival, Milano Italiy. 2003
M.A.D. Palau St Jordi,   Barcelona 1998-2000
Electrus Festival,  Torelló 1999
Belles Arts Festival,   Sala Apolo BCN 2002-2004
La Paloma, BCN   (eventualy)
Monasterio de Piedra (Big Bang Party) Zaragoza, 2003
Usually:  THE LOFT, Razzmatazz i Lolita,  Barcelona since 2003

and so many more…

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